handmade glassbeads in my studio in Uki, 2484, Australia.

the alchemical glass creations which look cosmic on a micro-scale are the microcosm of the macrocosm of Earth, that same Earth that we are a part of and connected to.

handmade is a slow process, the art of the maker, the crafting of skill to produce a product of unique quality and design.


returning to the process of handmade to connect to the material, the liquid glass in the flame, inclusions and alchemical contributions, fusing the moment and the material mix in both form and texture. Hand crafted artisan products, slow and beautiful.

kiln-cooled overnight, each bead is annealed ready for its next journey on silver, a necklace, on leather, chain or dreadlocks. Large holed beads make great dreadbeads for dreadheads.

support artisans; buy local,
think global; act local
love our planet

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